Fine Cut Moonshine Mate 2016

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Seberi, Brasil

Seberi, Brasil

Collected by the Families Gehm and do Canto from the forests of Seberi, under the full moon in the coldest winter that the Mate growing region has experienced in decades, this mate has the potential to bring mate making and drinking to a new level.



the bio diversity of Gehm forest

The bio diversity of Gehm forest

We are glad that Caco do Canto went to make the harvest together, and beside working he registered the process in drawings. See this nice picture of him proudly showing an “Donkeys Ear ” Sized Mate Leaf.



The forests from the Family Gehm in Seberi

The forests from the Family Gehm in Seberi

The myths speak of harvesting in the night under the full moon, due to the abundance of sap in the plant, the purity of the oxygen surrounding it and the enhanced properties of self-awareness that the plant posesses in this stage.   This tradition, has however, been lost. The Powdery Mate was harvested in Mai Full Moon before the Sun Rise. But at that time we still did not have the first night frost.  Please Read about details on it below.

The Mate was smoked with the aromatic Cabriuva wood as well as the Pitanga, a folkloric medicine against stomache problems.  as well as guaviroba, a traditional wood used for musical instruments.  It was then pounded into a fine powder in a mill made of anjico, a wood that is often used to treat the flu.

The full moon shining over the barbaqua

The full moon shining over the barbaqua

400kg of Moida Fina  was harvested under the June full moon and then 80 kg of Moida Grossa were harvested under the next full moon and we are all eagerly awaiting the arrival.



Leaves that still had frosted dew on them when collected

Colected leaves with frosted dew


Leaves with frosted dew

We always try to do the best mate possible, but as me mention above the termperature were still to high by the Powdery Mate Harvest. It changed but in June after the first frost when the “Carijo” time starts.


To learn how to make best chimarrão style follow the instructions on the video below:


For LEAFY CUT click here

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4 reviews for Fine Cut Moonshine Mate 2016

  1. Mark S

    After having tried just about every major Argentine, Paraguayan, Uruguayan, and Brazilian brand this is something very unique. Most brands are becoming more commercialized and it’s refreshing to see something like Meta Mate Gehm that sticks to the traditional and art of producing mate that is so quickly disappearing. You can really taste the difference. Try it for yourself!

  2. Clark L.

    A pleasing, smokey treat! This erva is very fine, creamy, delicious treat. Smokey and bold enough for those seeking intense flavors in their mate, but still mild enough for novices. It helps one relax and be able to appreciate the time and hard work put into producing this amazing erva.

  3. Stephen

    Not as smoky as previous batches but still wonderfully full bodied. Smoke rounds out the very robust smooth flavor of the erva without overwhelming. Really top-notch.

  4. Mateo

    These guys are redefining mate. Really great product, as is the 23. A premium product unlike any I’ve had before it. Really helpful people too.

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