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Individuallly crafted Cuia, that feels good in the hands and gives you the pure taste of our mate without all of the hassels that maintaining a traditional Cuia entails.  These cuias are dishwasher-friendly and the design is inspired by the Lebanese style.  This particular cuia is perfect for leafy Mate drinkers who do not put their Yerba on the brim.  A good Mate for a group as well since it circulates quickly.

A perfect gift for anyone who wants to drink tea or Mate in style.

Handmade in Berlin by Antares

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1 review for Ceramic Cuia Mini

  1. Anne Alter

    I have to confess, I am a ceramic aficionada. I just love the material, and so I have quite a herd of mate accessoires made of ceramic, including two of the small cuias. They are not made for large ceremonial mate rounds but for a single user. They are perfect for people who love to enjoy a leafy cut mate in solidude or have no one to share it with. Besides that, they are really cute.

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