Acidity on Meta Meta

One of the main backlashes connected to mate is the acidity. Every person is different and some mate users might complain of gastroesophageal reflux disease. This disease is caused by the acidity, and that might differ from one kind of mate to another. On the...

Lots of Fresh Mate!!!

The meta-container that we were waiting for has arrived in Berlin and we are now pleased to offer you a variety of FRESH GREEN Meta Mate  at some great prices. Our new unsmoked leafy Mate has the social price of 1,37€  for 100g of unpacked 1337357 Mate or 10Litres of...

Samba and Mate June 28th at 7.30pm

Meta Mate is pleased to invite you for a festive evening of Samba and Mate with Cris Arruda and Leandro Frontoura on 28th June @ 7.30pm. There will be plenty of Mate and Mier to keep the spirits high! The performance is open to all and a donation is requested for the...

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