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Soluble Raw Mate to enhance high energy performance.  Recommended as Smoothie add on or mixed with water.



Nutritional facts in Portuguese

Nutritional facts in Portuguese

ATTENTION: This product is currently in development.  It is targeted towards athletes and can be mixed with water or used as an add-on for smoothies and shakes.

Ingredients:  Raw Cane Sugar, Tapioca Starch and Raw Mate.  Gluten and Lactose Free.

Indications:   Recommended to boost endurance during sports training sessions that exceed an hour.  The combination of carbohydrates, electrolytes and our fresh Raw Mate make this an ideal natural energy drink for strenuous activities.  Unlike traditional mate, our soluble mate has a sweet mild taste and is rapidly absorbed into the body.


meta-mate-solubleThis soluble mate is a novelty that Meta Mate is bringing on the market.  It has a gentle, smooth flavour and was created for those needing endurance when training or exerting themselves physically.
 For  for those concerned with the PAH contamination of Mate, this mate has the lowest levels of all tested, 0,58 Mu/Kg Benzoapiren in comparison to 8 to 20 Mu/Kg from conventional Mate.  The Raw Mate used in the Soluble mate is selected from forests protected from contamination, frozen to avoid oxidation and dried in very low, controlled temperatures.
screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-12-49-09Preparation:  Mix 32g of Ilex Soluble Mate in 500mL Water, shake well and consume shortly after preparation.  Aternatively, add to your favourite Smoothie due to it’S mild sweet taste, this Mate combines well with a variety of concoctions and can also be added to your muesli.
Caffeine Content:  210mg/100g

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mauro Pagliosa

    As an athlete training for the Triathalon, I needed something natural and clean to sustain my energy during vigorous workouts. This soluble extract of Raw Mate enables me to complete the following regime:
    Monday: swimming (3km) and running (12km)
    Tuesday: Cycling (70km)
    Wednesday: swimming (3km) and running (12km)
    Thursday: Cycling (80 kms)
    Friday: swiming (3kms)
    Saturday: swimming (1.5 km) ,Cycling. (40 km) and running (10 km)
    Sunday:  rest

    During these activities drinking this mate slows down the feeling of tiredness and muscular pains, as well as prevents the onset of cramps.

    When one is dehydrated there is an intense feeling of fatigue which makes it impossible to complete a workout, however, drinking the Meta Mate Raw Extract prevents this from occuring and contributes towards keeping my performance levels at their highest when training and competing. The flavour is also very pleasant while in the midst of physical exertion, as this mate does not leave aggressive residues in the mouth.

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