Hybrid Harvest 2018

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500g Vaccum packed of a wild harvest with sapeco in the forest and a conventional drying.  This mate is a limited edition experimental harvest.


This yerba ain’t no bush….this is a Mate tree

A season full of special harvests, and this was certainly one of them.  It had ben some years since Ricardo and Fabricio were together in the forest together to make mate and they planned to gather as the forest hit the forest in May to make a memorable mate.  The plan was to harvest 1000kg, we underestimated the power of nature and the skill and strength required to climb up into the trees.  By the time the Mate was dried and packed at Barao, we had about 200kg of a hybrid mate harvested in the moonlight and passed over a fire with dawn dewdrops and then air-dried and vaccum packed by sunset.

The result is a robust hybrid between a leafy craft and 23 Mate.  A second trial was done during the full moon in August under frosty conditions in a neighboring forest and next year we intend to return with a larger team and do a community harvest here.

The sapeco in the forest allowed us the best conditions to do a large production in high quality as the oxidation process of the leaves is stopped before it is transported out of the forest.  And this requires man power which brings more income for the locals.  The whole harvest was collected from Ricardo’s organic certified forests, where we have not harvested for the past four years which makes the quality of the leaves in this mate very precious.

A Mate & arucaria tree planted by Fabricio some years ago

This harvest was done in Ricardo’s forests where we have also been planting mate saplings over the years

The mate was sapecoed in the forest shortly after being cut.

Friends, such as ecologoy Professor Philomena joined us for the harvest.

After the Sapeco, the Mate was transported to Barao for drying

A special thanks to Ricardo for sharing these photos of this harvest

Loading the Mate onto a hot air conveyer belt for drying.  This is a unique process created by Mr. Picolo, the founder of Barao.



As always we are thankful for the support and trust form Barao to accompany this process

A group of Gaucho’s paid a visit on horseback to partake in the harvest.

Ricardo & Fabricio – from bikes and bands to making meta mate – a friendship of almost 3 decades


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