Fireclay Cuias - made in Sofia

These cuias are handcrafted by Rumiana Docheva-Savova. who studied ceramics at the School of Arts and National Academy of Arts in Bulgaria. Crafted with white fine fireclay using a very ancient hand building technique, these cuias are colored with lead-free glazes.
These cuias are heavier and more stable than our delicate Berliner ceramic cuias and are not thrown on a wheel which entails 5-7 more times work. Of course, this is clay, in other words live material which changes in the time. The glazes of each single piece is hand painted by brush which sometimes results in color changes after drinking the first hot mates. According to Rumi this is kind of additional charm and add on to the personal spirit of each cuia.

‘I love my job and I make everything with pleasure.’ – Rumi

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