How to Cure a Cuia / Mate Gourd

This system is typical from Uruguay. You need Uruguayan cut yerba mate or better, chimarrao cut erva mate, as more powdery as you can. The most powdery meta mate usually comes from Gehm Family. First of all wash the cuia with warm water, let soaking for 20 minutes,...

Moida Fina 2 in 1 – A quick fix.

Moida Fina 2 in 1 – A quick fix. Salete Gehm knows what its like to have to wake up early in the morning and prepare a quick mate to get her going before starting with her daily chores including producing artisanal mate with her husband and sons. An accustomed cuia drinker, Salete adapted quickly to...

MetaMate 2 in 1 Thermoglass

The new Meta Mate Thermoglass is a modern urban option to the traditional Cuia. It offers decreased preperation time, portability, shakeability and also suits other beverages.                   How To Use: Add Mate. See table...
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