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As we aim for the highest quality mate this includes a high level of education Here is the link to our you tube channel where you will find tutorials in other languages and other videos such as reviews, mate harvesting and presentations Here are the specific options...

Raw Recipes with Mate

Raw Recipes with Mate Meta Mate Raw lends itself to numerous possibilities in the kitchen for those wishing to experiment Energy Balls:  Grind the following ingredients separately: 200g of Nuts (Almonds, Cashews, Hazelnuts & ParaNuts) 250g of Dried Fruits (Dates, Apricotes, Apples) 25g...

How to Cure a Cuia / Mate Gourd

This system is typical from Uruguay. You need Uruguayan cut yerba mate or better, chimarrao cut erva mate, as more powdery as you can. The most powdery meta mate usually comes from Gehm Family. First of all wash the cuia with warm water, let soaking for 20 minutes,...
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