Cuia Critics….

No words can express how it feels to drink a fresh mate, it cannot be judged by one sip, one must drink it in silence, and get to know the mate, sometimes it takes a few cuias to familiarize ones self with.  It is hard for us to define how the mate tastes when someone...

Energy Mate for Athletes.

Energy Mate for Athletes. Mate’s sustainable energy is no secret for those who train in vigorous sports activities.  From Football players to Olympic Gymnasts, a number of athletes attest to the natural energizing effects from drinking Mate. Cristiane Manfé Pagliosa, who is currently...

Thermos Temperature Tests

Thermos Temperature Tests Revolutionizing Mate Drinking:  The invention of the Thermos heralded new times for mate drinking. No longer, did the mate need to be drunk around the fireplace, this flexibility to take your mate with you brought mate drinking out of the realm of the home or stables....

Mate in Berlin – Sustainable & Regional

Mate in Berlin – Sustainable & Regional We live in a bubble of brauses and bombas. Berlin. Common citizens crave coffee and we conspire to convert them! We are lucky to be surrounded by idealists and utopists who believe in doing things in a new way. Aside from our principle goal of supporting sustainable...
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