Acidity on Meta Meta

One of the main backlashes connected to mate is the acidity. Every person is different and some mate users might complain of gastroesophageal reflux disease. This disease is caused by the acidity, and that might differ from one kind of mate to another. On the...

The Yerba Mate Cancer Controversy

There are many conflicting reports that either claim that Mate has carcinogenic substances while others state that Mate consumption helps prevent cancer. The only statistical relationship between consumption of mate and cancer is in the context of  thermo-inguries...

MetaMate 2 in 1 Thermoglass

The new Meta Mate Thermoglass is a modern urban option to the traditional Cuia. It offers decreased preperation time, portability, shakeability and also suits other beverages.                   How To Use: Add Mate. See table...

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