The long summer days in Berlin are fading away. We had some busy months of travels and events that we will report of when we have a minute to catch our breathe, but we have been very busy since the new harvest arrived in Mid-August.

We are currently optimizing our website to make it easier for information to reach you and would like to take the opportunity for you to have a look at some of the new products and features, provide us with your feedback and please add your reviews to your favourite products. We are still small and every recommendation we get from you materos makes a difference!

Dream Harvest

Fans of the 23 who are not yet ready to enter the realm of our fine-cut smoky mates can now have the opportunity to experience a leafy artisanal sweet mate with our Dream Harvest. This exclusive Mate is in a different price category but we recommend at least to read through the reviews and have a 100g trial.

Moonshine Harvest

For the powdered mate fans, this year’s Moonshine harvest by the Family Gehm is softer and grassier than what you have been drinking up to now, due to it’s freshness. And for those wishing for stronger smokier notes we received some kilos from the Family Tolloti and do have some of last year’s Gehm harvest in stock still.

Artisanal Mate Production

As we continue our work on the Brazilian front to regulate the artisanal mate production, we are developing other ‘legal’ products to support these activities. Despite several meetings with governmental bodies in Brasil and our engagement with lawyers, professors and engineers to legalize artisanal mate production, the outcome is still unclear.

We created an alternative hack in case the Brazilian department for Food Safety does not approve our application – we will say the Mate is used for cosmetics, not food. Our plan B is to make high quality cosmetics to justify the artisanal mate production.

Our Green Mask


As passionate materos, we want to provide you with the opportunity to infuse yourself in Mate so deeply so that it is flowing in and out of your pores (literally)! In addition to our RejuveMate soap we now have a Face and Hand Cream made in Berlin with Mate.


Natural cosmetic Artist Britta Carl Gerth is fascinated with the effects of mate on the skin and following the positive response that we received from her soap combined with the growing global awareness of mate’s beneficial effects on the skin, we decided to launch MateHydrate.

Although the label says it is a face cream, Britta clarifies that the concept of separate face creams and body lotions is created as a marketing strategy by the industry to make consumers buy more. The antioxidant properties of mate make this cream ideal for the sensitive skin on the face as well as any other part of your body. As we were keen to make the purest product without any unnecessary additives, the cream currently has the natural aroma of mate and shea butter. This disturbed some customers and the next batch will have a rose scent extracted by Britta from our Bulgarian Rose petals Fabricio plucked early this year.

This high quality scented moisturizer will be priced at 24 € in line with other cosmetics of the same caliber (Britta commented that our altruistic attitude makes the cream too affordable).   We would like to offer you a special chance to try the naturally scented MateHydrate in combination with our new harvest for 7 € only

Purchase our new harvest and MateHydrate cream and use the coupon Green Mask to get a special price.

We would appreciate your feedback and reviews on this cream as well.

We wish you a beautiful rest of September and encourage you to keep spreading the message of mate.

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