pirateHarvesting Mate was not the only thing on our Agenda this month.  On March 10th, 2014, Fabricio was invited by Extra Malte in Porto Alegre to give a talk on Mate, Politics and Mier

We look forward to 2014 marking growing mate relations between Germany and Brasil as we also work towards strengthening these bonds. We just got out of a round of negotiations with a University in RS to cooperate with a German University for a Mate reforestation project.land

Ricardo whistfully dreams of the day that his grandfather’s land will be restored to something similar:

The Mate Farmers back home are curious, they’s heard rumours of Mate’s growing popularity internationally, but many find it hard to dream of Mate’s potential beyond the traditional ‘chimarrao’. Fabricio will embark on a mini tour along with the Brasilian Mate Association (IBRAMATE) around the Missiones and present a glimpse of Berlin’s bubbling mate scene to the producers and emphasize to them the values of sustainable mate harvesting practices.

photo(5) We are curious of their reaction…..Oma Drey was not completely convinced if any MetaMate at all was inside MunterMate, but it didn’t taste too bad!

Towards the end of this tour Fabricio & Dani from ProjectMateBar, Florida and Jeronimo from Meta Mate Brasil will sit down together for a mate to touch base and plan our next steps.

Fabricio will then Visit Barrao’s HQ to discuss future packaging possiblities. We are very much indebted to the support from sergio and Rosangela for believing in what we are doing. The trust from companies such as Barrao, or drink manufacuteres in Germany and especially those whom we have had the honour of drinking a mate with throughout the years inspires us to continue cervando mate….


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