Need a quick trick to enjoy our Mate the traditional way with a cuia and bomba?

DIY Mate in 4 Steps

Cuia1.  Place 1 spoon of Mate in your Cuia.




Cuia2.  Fill the Cuia up to the neck with warm water.




Cuia3.  Cover the rim of the cuia with Mate and let this rest for 20 seconds (2 – 4 Tbs. of Mate).





Cuia4.  Use your bomba to push the Mate on the surface to one side, fill up the cuia to the top with water, place your thumb on top of the Bomba and place it in the cuia so that the bomba lies between the Mate and the water.  Drink this first mate until the end and suck strongly.

You may now enjoy a good mate round!

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