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Looking for an alternative to coffee but not really into tea?  42 is the answer!

This organic certified roasted mate has a malty taste and lends itself to be used as a substitute in your favourite coffee recipes.

According to Mate fan Daniel who also enjoys a good cup of coffee:

As “a lot of people begin to explore high quality filter coffee these days, which basically tastes a lot like tea. So if you are looking for a similar roasty taste with a mate sidekick, the roasted mate would definitely be worth a try.”

Use 42 as you use your coffee, in the espresso machine or in filter. For real green artisanal mate and more information click here

Daniel’s tips for preparing the Mate with his Rancilio Silvia coffee machine.

‘I ground the roasted mate a bit finder and I adjusted the temperature to roughly 65-70 °C.  It tasted nice, very mild, slight smoky/grassy flavour not as bitter as I expected. However, there is still room for improvements/adjustments, I suppose. Also, I must say I have not had many varieties of roasted mate yet to compare it to. For me it was at first not easy to get accustomed to it, because what I usually expect from the machine is an intense and oily flavour explosion in Espresso.  The mate plays, so to say, in a different genre.’

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